Mikael Staer Nathan

Design & Development

SportChek Interactive Video Wall

An interactive advertising wall that displayed products and enabled shoulder-to-shoulder associate and customer interactions.​ Built with Microsoft Kinect, we came up with a novel approach to detecting the user's focus and developed a unique kind of interaction with the aim of keeping it as natural as possible: pointing.

This was launched in-store at the flagship location in Yorkdale Mall, Toronto.

The wall starts with an attract loop: video representing the product category.

The "full-wall" video player.

Customers can drill down to specific products.

Individual product pages can contain any information, such as details, features and promotions.

Setting up in store. Debug mode.

Extensive prototyping was done to arrive at the final product. We had to prove the interaction model and a lot of rigorous testing on the point-detection algorithm was performed.

It was crucial to develop a system that felt natural for the user. We observed and noted the many different ways people interacted with our prototypes; from different ways of pointing to holding up a flat palm, to making "pressing" motions with their hands.